Saturday, January 24, 2009

Somehow I don't think so...

Yesterday I was thinking. As you do. And this scene played in my head. I thought what if someone was in church and something happened and they started swearing: "Holy...!" But then they'd stop because the priest was glaring at them and they'd continue: "Lord, you are great and almighty. Please feed all the hungry children in the world and clothe the poor and cold." And then the priest would smile approvingly and life would carry on as normal. Or would it?
I'm not sure if a priest would really approve of a prayer like that. I don't think it is really God's responsibility to take care of the people on earth. Sure he loves us all. After all, we're his creations and if you've ever created something or know someone who has created something, like made a table or knitted a scarf then you'll know how proud people are of their creations. However I think God is more concerned with the afterlife than our lifes on Earth. He gave us laws and sent us his son to lead by example so that we should take care of each other if we really truly lived a Christian life. Of course to do that is totally against everything modern society stands for. I do not claim to lead a truly Christian life. Few people do. In the end I believe in God and follow him as best I can. I don't think it's God's job to feed or clothe people. It is not his job to lead us in the right direction either. He has already given us all the directions. He cannot interfere, because if he did there would be no free will. And free will is important. It makes us who we are. If there were no free will nobody would claim responsibility anymore. It would be like a variation of "the devil made me do it". All we can do is try our best to be good Christians. Or if we don't believe in God try to lead good lifes and do right by others.

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  1. im not a beleiver but i agree. do right by other no matter what life throws at u