Sunday, October 28, 2012

I just remembered that I have this blog. Terrible, I know. But hey, at least I'm writing something now. Hopefully I'll keep it going this time... but probably not. The reason I don't think I will keep this going over the next month is that next month is November. What does this have to do with me? NANOWRIMO!!!! Basically it means that in November I will try to write a novel. Or 50'000 words, to be exact. A novel usually has more than that, but still I should be able to get a decent chunk of a novel down at least. But only if I write at least 1667 words per day, every day in November. So you see why I don't think I will be keeping up with this blog. I have an awesome story planned. Or at least I have parts of it planned... Today there was a meeting for the north of the river Perth nanowrimos. A pre-nanowrimo meeting to meet other people from our region. There were also some people from south of the river there, because apparently their region is a little less active. Last year I only found out about nanowrimo 10 days into November from a friend. I still had a go, but didn't get all that far. I did about 20'000 words. Meeting everyone was interesting. There are so many different people doing nanowrimo, and while a lot of them have similar interests I can't imagine such a diverse group of people getting together for anything else. Ages ranged from late teens right up into the 60s. So, maybe I will keep this blog updated with how I'm doing with nanowrimo, and maybe I won't. Either way, I really want to reach that target of 50'000 this year!