Saturday, October 3, 2009

Very unlike me...

So I love cook books. Which is a little strange because I'm not a huge fan of cooking. Actually, that is not entirely true. I don't mind cooking as such and I always try to think of ways to improve a recipe. I'm also not a terrible cook. Things I cook usually turn out quite delicious. I do however hate the post-cooking cleanup. Guh. Cleaning the kitchen... :S

Anyway, so on Tuesday we're having two run-throughs of the opera. One is the Sitzprobe, which we were meant to have on Monday, but which got moved to Tuesday because most of the brass players will still be in Melbourne, where they attended the brass festival, on Monday. So now the Sitzprobe, which is a run-through of the entire opera without costumes, is on Tuesday in the morning. Also on Tuesday we have the Dress Rehearsal 1, which was already scheduled for Tuesday evening anyway. This is a run-through of the opera with the cast in costume and the orchestra dressed in black. For some reason we're having two dress rehearsals, one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. So we poor orchestra members will have run out of blacks before the opera even starts proper performances. :P There will also be a photographer present at one or both dress rehearsals to take photos for publicity purposes.

The opera, by the way, is Dialogues of the Carmelites by Francis Poulenc, though the singers will be singing in English and not the original French. Performances are in the Geoff Gibbs Theatre at WAAPA from Saturday, the 10th until Saturday, the 17th of October, although there are no performances on Sunday and Thursday. Tickets are available from the WAAPA box office during office hours and presumably also at the door.

So with Tuesday being such a long day (the dress rehearsal starts at 7.30 pm and finishes around 10.30 pm) I thought I'd bake something to eat during the day, and maybe share with fellow prisoners of the opera. ;-)

So far I haven't quite decided what I'm going to bake. At first I thought I might bake savoury versions of the mini pumpkin pies I saw on but then I couldn't find any canned pumpkins anywhere, so I guess that is out of the question. So then I went through my collection of recipes and cookbooks (of which I have a few, because as I said, I love cookbooks!) and picked out possible things for me to bake. So far I've narrowed it down to:

Chicken and Mushroom sausage rolls

or Corn and Bacon Muffins

or maybe Banana Muffins

I don't know. So far the sausage rolls seem most appealing to me. Somehow I've never been particularly attracted to muffings. Although I do prefer savoury muffins, so the corn an ham muffins aren't totally out of the question either. I really don't know. I want to reach a decision tonight so that I can buy the ingredients tomorrow. Hmmm... maybe I'll come across some other recipe that decides it for me once and for all...