Friday, January 23, 2009

Busy busy day... if I get off the internet.

Today I have lots of things to do.

At the moment I'm voting at the Ninth Annual Weblog Awards. Go vote for your favourite blog in the bloggies. There are so many amazing blogs to choose from. It's really inspirational. :-)

Once I get off the internet I have to grab all my stuff. Then I'm heading to Joondalup. I'll get off the bus before it gets to Joondalup trainstation and head to the bank. Then I'll probably go by the library to get out one or two books to read. Then I shall walk to Joondalup shopping centre to probably buy some groceries. I'll have lunch at Joondalup or catch the train to the city and eat something there.

In the city it's late night shopping so the shops will be open until I have to catch the train to go to a string sectional for WACO.

I'll have a look at JB Hi-Fi for classical CDs and probably snoop around Myer. I'm not sure if I'll buy anything. I don't really have a lot of money at the moment and I swore I wouldn't buy any more clothes because I already have so many clothes that I can never wear them all. To buy any more would be a waste. I shall also not buy any more make up, nail polish or shoes... Although I wanna get some Converse. Convereses? One of these days I'll have to head to Harbourtown to buy some. I have small feet so I can buy kids sizes which are generally cheaper than adult sizes. Woohooo!!! I love the sequined ones. I'd love some blue ones. But I also saw some black ones with shiny rainbow coloured hearts on them. They would also be great. I guess I'll just have to see what they have instore when I eventually get round to it.
After the city I have to go to orchestra. Adrian is picking me up from Stirling train station. The violins are apparently doing reverse seating order today so the leaders can see what the rest of their section is doing and the back of the section are forced to play and hopefully gain some more confidence. I find sitting in front makes me play out more. Usually I tend to be towards the back in most orchestra but in WACO I'm co-leader of the viola section. So far it's been alright. And now I'd better go get ready to leave, it's going to be a long day. Unfortunately I'll have to carry my viola around with me all day and the little top handle is broken so holding it upright is getting difficult but I'll cope somehow. I just feel lucky to have all these opportunities. I love playing in orchestras and I can't imagine not studying music and not playing an instrument.


  1. first off id like to say ur insane lol :D
    second of all id like to say ur lucky im not a serial killer or u would have just made my job so much easier by telling me ur schedual :D

  2. Right, cos you can totally tell what time I'll be where, and what I'm wearing and where exactly I'll be... :P