Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Holidays. Finally!

Today I spent all day in bed. It was glorious. I like to spend at least one day during each break in bed, reading, watching movies, surfing the net... Just relaxing.
So we finally have our mid-semester break at ECU. Calling it a mid-semester break is a bit of a joke though, because we've already had 9 teaching weeks. After the break WAAPA has another project week followed by three more teaching weeks and then it's exams already. Wow.

This break isn't all that relaxing either. On Monday it was a public holiday. Queen's birthday? And I had a conducting test at uni. Still, that unit is finished now, so at least that gives me some more time and less stress on Mondays from now on. Tomorrow my quartet is rehearsing at uni from 12 til 2 pm. I'm hoping to drop off my last overdue library book (I couldn't find it when I dropped off the other ones) at Joondalup library and grab an early lunch at Joondalup shopping centre before I head into uni. A very early lunch. Maybe something from the spud bar? I'm not usually a huge potato fan, but I love their Ciao Bella spud, even though it's Italian. It contains cheese, mushroom, mild chilli bean, tomato, wilted spinach, light sour cream and chives. And of course I always also have butter on my spud. It's absolutely delicious. I reckon if I ever get sick of it I might try one of the other ones or build my own. They all sound so good. :D

After the break I'm going to be full on busy again. I want to try to write my education assignments which are due the first thursday back during the break and I guess I'd better make a reasonable attempt at cleaning my room, to keep my parents happy. Sigh. No more days in bed until the summer break for this young lady. :S