Friday, January 30, 2009

Poser Alert!

Here are some pictures of me taken with my camera phone by me. Lots of poses! :-)
Movie star pose!!! Now with bonus under-eye bags!
Audrey Hepburn pose!!! (aka Who Hid My Drugs???)

Deer in Headlights pose! Surprisingly similar to the Audrey Hepburn pose! (aka. It's ok, I found them! :P)

Lady Di pose! Note the coy tilt of the head! The looking up through the lashes! The mysterious smile! Now compare to a photo of Diana or Prince William! That's right, he also uses this pose!

Ye olde take one's photo in the mirror pose! 'Nuff said!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

When is an Australian not an Australian?

Yesterday I got accused of not being a real Australian. I was just sitting in the shade with an Australian friend and two German backpackers. We were in King’s Park to celebrate Australia Day. I can’t remember what we were talking about. Something to do with being Australian. I said: “I’m Australian too.” And my friend answered: “Yeah, but not really.” And I said: “Yes, I am. I’m an Australian. Really.” And my friend said: “You’re only an Australian on paper.” I answered: “So are you.” And she said: “No. I’m seventh generation Australian.”
I did not want to make a fuss on Australia Day, so I left it at that, but privately I was quite offended that she did not think I was a ‘real’ Australian. What is it that makes me less of an Australian than she is? Is it that I speak with a Swiss accent? But many Australians have different accents. Hardly anyone speaks with the stereotypical broad Ozzy accent anymore. Is it the fact that I was not born in Australia? Does the fact that more of her ancestors have been born in Australia make her more Australian? Is she more Australian than say, someone who is sixth or fifth generation Australian?
I suspect that her line of reasoning is that I was not born in Australia, therefore I am not a ‘real’ Australians. I’d like to think I’m a real Ozzy. I’ve been living in Australia for years. I went to high school here. I study here. I have many, many friends here, some Australians some not. I had my first boyfriend in Australia, although he was not an Australian. I voted in the last federal election. I voted in the local elections. I have an Australian passport. I cheer for the Australians at the Olympics. I go to the ANZAC Day service. I have sung at ANZAC Day services in France, England and Australia with my high school choir. I celebrate Australia Day every year. Over the years I have considered moving either overseas or just over east. But as the song says: “I still call Australia home.” I live here. I study here. I work here. I live my entire life here. I may be a Swiss Hispanic Australian. But I still am an Australian. I don’t think there is such a thing as less or more Australian or ‘only an Australian on paper’. As far as I’m concerned if you’re an Australian you’re an Australian, nothing more, nothing less.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

There is a Review in Perth? Why didn't I know?

Yesterday before orchestra I was grabbing a bite to eat at the McDonald's in the city. The 24 hour one that's just up the road from the underground trainstation. As I was eating I looked out of the window and what did I see across the street? A clothes store with a line of clothes along the glass wall. I thought it looked quite nice so I checked where the entrance was and over the entrance I saw REVIEW. I did not know this brand until I went to Melbourne in December and stumbled across it in the DFO. My sister's boyfriend's dance partner bought a really nice grey wrapdress there. I loved most of the clothes but didn't buy anything because I was a trying not to spend too much money.

Here is a link to the website. I think it's divine!

Somehow I don't think so...

Yesterday I was thinking. As you do. And this scene played in my head. I thought what if someone was in church and something happened and they started swearing: "Holy...!" But then they'd stop because the priest was glaring at them and they'd continue: "Lord, you are great and almighty. Please feed all the hungry children in the world and clothe the poor and cold." And then the priest would smile approvingly and life would carry on as normal. Or would it?
I'm not sure if a priest would really approve of a prayer like that. I don't think it is really God's responsibility to take care of the people on earth. Sure he loves us all. After all, we're his creations and if you've ever created something or know someone who has created something, like made a table or knitted a scarf then you'll know how proud people are of their creations. However I think God is more concerned with the afterlife than our lifes on Earth. He gave us laws and sent us his son to lead by example so that we should take care of each other if we really truly lived a Christian life. Of course to do that is totally against everything modern society stands for. I do not claim to lead a truly Christian life. Few people do. In the end I believe in God and follow him as best I can. I don't think it's God's job to feed or clothe people. It is not his job to lead us in the right direction either. He has already given us all the directions. He cannot interfere, because if he did there would be no free will. And free will is important. It makes us who we are. If there were no free will nobody would claim responsibility anymore. It would be like a variation of "the devil made me do it". All we can do is try our best to be good Christians. Or if we don't believe in God try to lead good lifes and do right by others.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Busy busy day... if I get off the internet.

Today I have lots of things to do.

At the moment I'm voting at the Ninth Annual Weblog Awards. Go vote for your favourite blog in the bloggies. There are so many amazing blogs to choose from. It's really inspirational. :-)

Once I get off the internet I have to grab all my stuff. Then I'm heading to Joondalup. I'll get off the bus before it gets to Joondalup trainstation and head to the bank. Then I'll probably go by the library to get out one or two books to read. Then I shall walk to Joondalup shopping centre to probably buy some groceries. I'll have lunch at Joondalup or catch the train to the city and eat something there.

In the city it's late night shopping so the shops will be open until I have to catch the train to go to a string sectional for WACO.

I'll have a look at JB Hi-Fi for classical CDs and probably snoop around Myer. I'm not sure if I'll buy anything. I don't really have a lot of money at the moment and I swore I wouldn't buy any more clothes because I already have so many clothes that I can never wear them all. To buy any more would be a waste. I shall also not buy any more make up, nail polish or shoes... Although I wanna get some Converse. Convereses? One of these days I'll have to head to Harbourtown to buy some. I have small feet so I can buy kids sizes which are generally cheaper than adult sizes. Woohooo!!! I love the sequined ones. I'd love some blue ones. But I also saw some black ones with shiny rainbow coloured hearts on them. They would also be great. I guess I'll just have to see what they have instore when I eventually get round to it.
After the city I have to go to orchestra. Adrian is picking me up from Stirling train station. The violins are apparently doing reverse seating order today so the leaders can see what the rest of their section is doing and the back of the section are forced to play and hopefully gain some more confidence. I find sitting in front makes me play out more. Usually I tend to be towards the back in most orchestra but in WACO I'm co-leader of the viola section. So far it's been alright. And now I'd better go get ready to leave, it's going to be a long day. Unfortunately I'll have to carry my viola around with me all day and the little top handle is broken so holding it upright is getting difficult but I'll cope somehow. I just feel lucky to have all these opportunities. I love playing in orchestras and I can't imagine not studying music and not playing an instrument.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Abbalicious.... what? it's the least cringeworthy title I could think off.

I am currently in Love (with a capital L) with Abba's album Arrival. This is not the original. Apparently there were two original versions, one for Australia and one for the rest of the world. They had slightly different track listings. The one I bought has all the tracks from both versions plus Fernando as a bonus track.

I especially like the track That's Me. I identify with it. :-) Here are the lyrics:

That's Me

(B. Andersson/S. Anderson/B. Ulvaeus)

Are you sure you wanna hear more

What if I ain't worth the while

Not the style you'd be lookin' for

If I'm sweet tonight

Things look different in the morning light

I'm jealous and I'm proud

If you hurt my feelings I'll cry out loud

I'm Carrie not-the-kind-of-girl-you'd-marry

That's me

Are you sure you wanna hear more

Would I be the one you seek

Mild and meek like the girl next door

Don't you realise

I may be an angel in disguise

It's lonley to be free

But I'm not a man's toy, I'll never be

I'm Carrie not-the-kind-of-girl-you'd-marry

That's me

I don't believe in fairy-tales

Sweet nothings in my ear

But I do believe in sympathy

That's me, you see

Are you sure you wanna hear more

Won't you have a drink with me

Just to see you're not really sore

I can't help my ways

I'm just not the girl to hide my face

I'm Carrie not-the-kind-of-girl-you'd-marry

That's me

There's a special love

Like an eagle flying with a dove

I'll find it in the end

If I keep on searchin', but until then

I'm Carrie not-the-kind-of-girl-you'd-marry

That's me

Some Things about Me.

My name is Cristina. I am currently 21 years old. I play the viola. I switched to viola full time two years ago. Before that I played violin as my main instrument and just played viola in some orchestra. Now I rarely pick up my violin anymore. I am studying Music Education/Performance at WAAPA in Perth. It is really great.

I'm currently in the Western Australin Youth Orchestra. In December we are going on a tour to Asia. I'm really excited about it.

At the moment I'm on summer holidays. And playing in the Western Australian Charity Orchestra (WACO). On the 9th of February we have a concert in the Perth Concert Hall. It will hopefully raise funds for Princess Margareth Hospital. It's the hospital across the road from the high school I used to go to.

I enjoy reading. I especially like books by Terry Pratchett. I also like to go horse riding although I haven't been in a couple of years due to time constraints. I like to draw and always doodle on everything. :-)

Lots and lots of pretty colours!

Today I couldn't decide which nail polish shade to use.

So I lined all my nail polishes up in rainbow order in the grannyflat and painted my nails in rainbow colours.

Here are pictures of both my hands and my line of nail polishes. I think I need more red shades.

The colours on the left hand from pinky to thumb are: gold, pink and three shades of red from light to dark.
The colours on the right hand form pinky to thumb are: pale bluish green, royal blue, dark black blue, dark purple and pink.
It's not quite age appropriate but it looks great. It will look especially awesome when I play viola in orchestra tomorrow. Can't wait to see what that looks like. :-)
I shall also look for more shades of nail polish. Once I have dusted off the shelf above my bed I will be moving the line of nailpolishes on there and there's plenty of room.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shopping Outfit

This is an outfit I wore to go shopping. It's summer here at the moment, so it is quite warm but the shopping centre is airconditioned so I took a kaftan to keep warm. Sorry about the bad picture quality.

In the picture picture on the left you can see the black singlet and stripy scarf I wore.

In the picture on the right you can hopefully just about make out the shiny blue heart earrings I wore. They are absolutely awesome. I think they look at little like the Heart of the Ocean in the Titanic movie.

The picture underneath is a full body picture. Again really really bad picture quality. I wore jeans, a black singlet, a dark pink kaftan, a thin stripy scarf and of course my heart shaped earrings. I also wore sandals from Betts kids.