Thursday, April 30, 2009

Keeping busy...

I'm keeping busy. Or at least keeping pretending to be busy.

Yesterday I was at uni for 15.5 hours. I got there at 7.30 to do some practise. Didn't actually do a lot of practise because I didn't have a practice room booked. Tough. I shared the MA (Music Auditorium) with one of my friends. I also forced him to listen to the opening of my concerto and give me some feed-back.

Later we had two hours of harmony. The lecturer spent the first half talking about our next assignment. Apparently he already talked about it in the last lecture, which I missed. Then I had an aural lecture. I can't really remember what it was about. Oh, except "Think note names when you play your guitar." And we did some singing.

Then it was time for lunch. Sat with Trev, then with Nat, then went to the library to get a book out. Then went to the library to see if they sold safety pins at the bookshop to fix my broken bag a bit better. Couldn't find safety pins, so decided to buy some pens and asked the lady behind the counter if they sold safety pins. She said no and asked how many I needed. When I told her that I just needed a few to fix my broken bag she said that she might have some in her bag. She did and gave them to me free of charge. How nice of her! I'm very grateful. So I went back to Nat and my bag and fixed it good. :-)

Then I talked with Naomie and Aby and walked to Clusters cafe with them and then it was already time for orchestra. Three hours later orchestra was finished and my quartet had a reheasal. I had to borrow the key to the "cage" off Rob to get some stands out. My nice violin friend stayed back and gave us all some pointers, which really helped. Thank you crasian violinist. :P

After that I had a much needed break and then got on with some practising. I wasn't all that inspired but still got some decent work done. When I took a break at around 9 pm I ran into two of the second year jazz singers I know. I talked to them for a bit and then Dale (a cute second year guitarist) came along and asked if we wanted to keep him company while he ate dinner, since it looked like we were on a break. The two girls said that they weren't on a break, and went back to their practice room. I said, sure, I'm on a break anyway and walked to some chairs with Dale. Then the other two girls decided that it was time for a break after all and joined us. :-) Fun fun fun. Then we all went back to practise. I did some further practice on my concerto and actually made some good advances. Although it's still not nearly perfect. Later I joined one of the singers and Dale for another break. They then decided to jam and asked if I wanted to jam too, but alas, I had to decline because I'm not trained in the art of jamming. I'm a classical violist, so I don't possess the skills for jazz playing. Comping, soloing, improv, it's all one big question mark to me... Soon after my parents called and picked me up from uni on their way home from Tango dancing. And another long day at uni came to a close.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Not much happening...

Not much to report today. I had work in the morning. I set my alarm for 8.30 and then decided to sleep for another ten minutes which turned into half an hour, so I didn't have time for breakfast at home. My breakfast consisted of a delicious Kinder bueno. Yummo! :-) Not very nutritious but it tasted good.

It was surprisingly busy at work today. People must be stocking up for the public holiday tomorrow, although Blockbuster will be open. Maybe they're just bored with the weekend. From all the games and new releases being rented you wouldn't know that we're in a recession. Or maybe it's because we're in a recession... people are renting movies and staying in rather than going out. I get the movies for free. :-) Every job has it's perks.

Right now I'm waiting for my parents to come home and give me a lift to WAAPA. The orchestra I'm rehearsing with on Sunday's to perform a partita or something which Sam Parry arranged rehearses at WAAPA this week and the next two as well from 7-9.30 pm. My parents were going to drop me off at the train station, but they went dancing in the afternoon and didn't want to come home that early, so they're giving me a lift and then they're going out for dinner. Lucky them. :-)

Tomorrow it's a public holiday because ANZAC day fell on the Saturday. I organised a rehearsal for my string quartet at Natalie's house. Hopefully everything will go according to plan and everyone will turn up and we'll have a good rehearsal. Fingers crossed.

In other words I finally figured out why that kid in Forbidden Kingdom looked so familiar. It's Michael Angarano from Sky High. I didn't know his name because his castmate for Sky High, Steven Strait was cuter.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yay, they remembered me. :-)

So I finally got a letter from the State Library. I'd gotten out some music a while ago. It was due back ages ago. I know this. The quartet I got out I don't need any more. However the other piece I got out I really like. I expected them to send me a letter earlier. They didn't. I was already beginning to feel neglected when I finally got a letter yesterday. Yay! They must be behind on their paper work. Now I have six days to renew or return the items.

I'll probably go in on Monday and return the quartet and renew the other piece. Oh wait, Monday is a public holiday. I'll go in on Tuesday.
Right now I'm watching a movie. Pathology. I saw the trailer while I was working. It came out on dvd last month. The idea looks interesting and promissing. The execution isn't that great. It's not a terrible movie, but it's not a great movie either.
In other news, I bought my brother a birthday present. More on that later. :-)

Monday, April 13, 2009

I LOVE those shoes!

The other day while I was cleaning my room I was leafing through last month's issue of 'Shop til you drop' before putting it on the magazine pile in the hallway. As I was going through it sighing at all the pretty clothes and items I will never own I realised that I hadn't looked at the rmk shoe catalogue inside it yet. I decided to see what shoes are in fashion at the moment. As I was looking through it I saw the most amazing shoes. At first I thought they were a little strange and I wondered what they looked like on. Conveniently a model on the opposite page was wearing them (the pair in the catalogue is purple). They actually look really good on.

The pair of shoes that had captivated me thusly was the Macdowell. Pictures below.

I had originally been drawn to it by the purple colour. However I would probably buy it in black because that is more versatile and I need black shoes for concerts and such. So, I love these shoes. However, I know that sometimes my tastes can run towards the kitschy and so I decided to show them to my sister and ask her what she thinks.

So when she was home yesterday I got out the catalogue and told her that I loved these shoes. She replied: "I've got those shoes!" Ok, so she obviously doesn't think they're too much. She did say not to wear them with any really short dresses because that would be skanky. That being said, she wore them at a bikini model comptetition. Although I guess the aim there is to make your legs look as long as possible.

She brought them over today so I could have a look at them. She'd told me that they were really comfortable and I tried them on. They really are comfortable. Of course hers are too big for me because we're not the same size. Still. I'll go have a look at the store tomorrow and see if they have them in my size. :D With any luck I'll soon be the proud owner of a pair of these sweet shoes!