Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Things I Love Thursday...

Now I love the idea of this and have shame-lessly stolen the idea from Gala Darling. You should check out her blog. It is fabulously amazing! I absolutely love it!

So now to my things I love for this week:

50s Housewive Chic I'm on holidays at the moment so I have the time to actually think about what I'm wearing and make myself look pretty. And then do housework in dresses, heels and with full make up. And grocery shopping (minus the heels because I had to walk to the shops). A couple of days ago I made Chocolate Rum Pots. I felt very 50s housewive chic. :D

Roller Skating I hadn't been in years and then a friend told me that she went roller skating and I thought I should do it again sometime. So I've been roller skating two days in a row and I'm pretty cautious and unfit but it's still such a blast! :D Almost like flying.

Pink Nailpolish, Discovering clothes you forgot you had in your closet, Cookbooks, Creamy cocktails, Holidays, Kahlua chocolates, Sequins, fabulous dresses, Getting drunken text messages that make you smile :), Weddings (tis the season), Not wearing black, Bakerella, Looking at photo albums, old school Nintendo 64, Friends :), Mini Marshmellows, Cute guys, Going for late night solitary walks then tracking down the nearest swingset and swinging under the full moon (what can I say, I'm a Cancer, I thrive at night by full moon :P), Reading the horoscope of the guy you have a crush on to see what his day is going to be like..., Butterflies, Dreaming of winter in summer, Looking pretty, Getting compliments from strangers when you weren't sure if your outfit was too much, Music, Dinosaurs, Bookstores, Getting postcards, Drinking mochas, Secret admirers, Not so secret admirers, Diaries (and getting organised), new things, old things

That's pretty much it. :) Keep smiling.

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