Saturday, February 20, 2010

My new favourite street style blog.

Let me begin by saying that I love street style blogs. I don't always look at many especially at times like these when our internet is slow because we've reached our limit but I like to look at some of them for inspiration and to admire the awesome fashion sense displayed by people around the world.

For some reason I can't link in this blog, so I'll just type the web-address in brackets.

One that I've always really liked to look at is The Sartorialist ( These are really fashionable people, from around he fashion capitals of the world wearing a mixture of pieces from vintage to designer. They all have their own individual style and all look incredibly put together and classy.

Recently Gala Darling ( published a post with a list of articles she has written for ChinaShop Magazine ( One of them is about street style blogs from around the world. I browsed through them and the one that really caught my eye was Dropsnap ( This is a street style blog from Japan featuring both men and women. I spent a long time yesterday looking at a lot of the pictures on the site. I love the variety of styles and the attention to detail. But the thing that I like most about this blog is that I can relate to it more than to the Sartorialist. The people on the Sartorialist are all very stylish but I always feel like I could never emulate their looks and if I tried it would not look right on me. I have my own style and while I certainly take inspiration from other people's looks and fashion in general I don't copy others' looks entirely. However just from looking at Dropsnap once I already got some ideas about putting together some items in my wardrobe that I usually don't put together (ie wearing a top that I usually wear with pants with a skirt, not a very dramatic change, I know, but still a big change). Maybe it's that my personal style is a lot more playful than that of the people on The Sartorialist, but I find Dropsnap a lot more relatable and got really excited looking at it. I even showed it to my brother in the hope that he would find some style inspiration. I think it certainly made him realise how limited his usual outfits are... :P

The February issue of Australian Cleo contained a great article on Australian Streetstyle Bloggers. I think it is so interesting to see what people in the city you live in are wearing. I'm always curious to see if I know anyone, or if I have seen any of the outfits on the Perth based blog when I was out and about. Here are the bloggers featured in Cleo:

Hayley Hughes is takes pictures for her blogs and I think she has a great eye for style.

Emma Bergmeier is Perth's resident streetstyle blogger. Her blog Dropstitch ( features only the best of the best of Perth's fashiony people. I especially love the photos from Laneway. I'm so sad that I couldn't go. (Just plain couldn't afford it.)

Hailing from Sydney is Fernando Frisoni ( I love the pictures he takes. Such a great eye for fashion.

Paul-Simon Djite is another person who chronicles Sydney's street style in his blog Both Fernando and Paul-Simon come across as really great people. I think Paul-Simon's revelation that he finds it a little intimidating to approach strangers and ask if he can take a picture of them, especially as the better they look the harder it is, but he adds that he doesn't let it daunt him because the feeling of getting that perfect shot overrides any nerves for him.

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