Saturday, June 27, 2009

A bunch of rants... Or is it a pack of rants?

So, it's once again weekend. Saturday, to be precise. Which in this household means chore time. Except I have a tendency not to do my chores. I'm amazed with how often I get away with this. Today I actually mended some socks (my main chore is mending clothes) and I'm in the process of tidying up my room. Anyone who's ever seen my room (and I mean ever) will know that this is a long and drawn out process. And the tidyness will not last long, once I've finished. Three days is all it takes for my room to look like an explosion hit it during a tornado.

Tomorrow I have work. It will be ok I guess. Necessary if I want some money. :) And I do want money. One thing I'm not looking forward to is the loop tape. This month's loop tape is actually not too horrible. Although I'm getting really really sick of seeing the Bride Wars trailer. Such a mediocre movie. It's got some rare funny bits but most of it is really condescending to women in general. The idea that two women would behave like that over something so trivial is just moronic.

So yeah, apart from that work generally isn't too bad. Sundays tend to be quiet which can get boring, but at least it's not all that stressful. Except for last Sunday. For some reason last Sunday was insanely busy. I barely had time to eat lunch. Anyway, so I need money because a) I'm trying to save some of the stuff and b) I saw some shoes I want. :D They're Scooter shoes. The style is called Newbury. I saw them in Emporio when I was catching up with a friend in the city and the size 5, which they actually had in store (it was even on the shelf) magically fit me! Here's a picture:

So I've decided if I manage to save up enough over the next few weeks I get to buy the shoes, if I don't I'll have to live without them. It's not like I really need them.

So apart from shoes I can't stop thinking about this guy I like. And it's really stupid because I need my brain for other things. It's like I'm incapable of really concentrating on anything because I'm always thinking about him. It's stupid. I don't even know if he likes me. Actually, he probably doesn't like me. If he did he'd ask me out, surely. So now I've decided to just enjoy being friends with him and if he likes me he can ask me out, if he doesn't we'll still be friends. And I have to stop obsessing!

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