Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I should be sleeping right now...

I stayed up late to study. Of course I didn't exclusively study. I also watched Sailor Moon and checked my Facebook and twitter for updates. But I did do some harmony study.
And I filled in my National music camp/AYO application. Now, as soon as I get dad to fill in the credit card details I get the excerpts. Should be interesting. They're supposed to be hard. Usually I do ok at learning excerpts. I think I played the ones for the last WAYO audition quite well. And my viola playing keeps improving, thankfully. It would be terrible if I stayed at this mediocre level forever. Now I'm trying to motivate myself to pack up all my stuff and go to bed. I was also going to wash my hair, but I think I'll do that tomorrow morning, if I manage to get up. If I don't my hair will look absolutely disgusting. I'm meeting Annie and Ji-Min in the library at uni at 10 to do some harmony revision. I hope I can be a productive member of our study session.
I would love to wear heels to uni, but when I have to carry my bag and viola it's just too heavy to walk around in heels all day, especially since I catch public transport. I really need to get my license. I should see if I can book a test for the holidays. Although my parking needs more practise. Sigh... practise... Everything in life needs practise.
I didn't get into the final of the concerto competition, but I didn't expect to, so I'm still happy. I played well, and hopefully it will make for an awesome concert with the people that got in the final. The people that got in are Madeleine Antoine, Aidan Boase, Katherine Shinnick and Alexander Ong. Maddie and Aidan were also in the final last year and Aidan won it. Let's see if he can pull it off again this year. ;-)
I watched the afternoon performances on the second day of semis and all the performers were really good to the point where I'm not sure how the judges picked the finalists. I'm glad it was their job and not mine.
So now it's time for bed. Tomorrow I'll look like a zombie and probably feel like one too, but it should be an alright day. In the afternoon the ABC is recording the Cage piano concerto performed by Resonator, the new music ensemble at waapa with Anthony something as the soloist. He's really good. It's amazing how well he knows the piece and how he can play the style. It's mostly graphic notation, so it turns out differently each time. So that's tomorrow afternoon. I'm looking forward to it. :D And then hopefully I'll never have to play the piece again. :P I don't mind the music, but it's not my favourite. I much prefer Tchaikovsky! :D

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