Thursday, July 23, 2009

So embarassing... if he ever finds out. :P

I hate it when I can't remember someone's name and it gets to the point where it's just too late to ask for it. Gah. To fully understand my predicament, I have to go back, to last semester.

I was wandering through the hallways at WAAPA looking for a practise room. There weren't any. Just as I was about to give up a door opened, and this guy asked if I was looking for a practise room. He said I could have his, because he had a lesson but would I mind if he left his stuff there. I said that wasn't a problem and started practising, delighted at having found a practise room. It was great, because I was looking after his stuff (bag, laptop, instrument case) I didn't want to leave the room, which I occasionally do when only my stuff is in the room. I think it's one of the most focused practise sessions I've ever had. :D After an hour he came back in and I asked if he needed his room back. He said no, and explained that he now had a lecture with his instrumental teacher, which he was running late for. He told me who his teacher was, but I can't remember. Maybe Paul Pooley? He asked if I minded if he left his bass in the room and I said no worries. So I remained in the room for another hour and did some practise. After that hour the guy came back to grab his bass. I'd had enough of practise and decided to leave the room as well. So while we were both packing up and grabbing our stuff we talked for a bit. Introduced ourselves and said which course we're doing and what instrument we play. I'm pretty sure he said he's doing contemporary bass. Pretty sure. So then we both left and I saw him when I was eating dinner in the lower foyer later that afternoon and he was leaving to go home. Oh right, it was a Friday, so I was going out straight from the city. My sister had a modelling competition. :D

So I was really happy that I had a room and was very greatful and told everybody about the nice guy who let me have his practise room. :D I couldn't remember his name but I figured it didn't matter because I thought he probably wouldn't remember mine either. We passed each other a couple more times at WAAPA over the next few weeks and said hi, or gave a nod each time. So I though, ok, cool, he doesn't remember my name either. :D However, in one of the last few weeks of last semester (first semester of 2009) I was running late for a class in building 14 having had a chamber music rehearsal at WAAPA in building 1. As I was walking I could see that jazz/contemporary concert practice must've just finished because the jazz and contemp students were making their way back to WAAPA or their cars from building 17 where their concert prac is held. As I was reaching the building next to building 14 I crossed paths with that guy again. And he said: "Hi Cristina, how's it going?" I smiled and told him I was fine, running late for class, how are you? After he said he was good or whatever I said bye and walked off quickly to get to class. I though: "Oh crap, he knows my name, and I have no idea what his name is." I knew that he was a first year contemporary bassist, so that was something. However none of my friends I asked about him knew who I was talking about. So I still don't know his name. Whic I guess wouldn't be so bad.

But then today I was heading towards the aroma cafe after doing some practise and saw some of my fellow third years looking for the location of their harmony class (I'm not enrolled in that unit because I'm doing education). I suggested where I thought the class might be and cheerfully sent them on their way with a: "Have fu-uuun!!!" :D I was about to follow them on my way to the cafe when that guy walked past and said hi. I said hi back and we were almost past each other when he said: "Oh, wait.", and pulled me back. I said: "yes?" and smiled. He said: "Would you be interested in going to the casino on Saturday?" I said: "Sure!" He said something along the lines of: "It's just some WAAPA students going. Saturday at 8 o'clock." I said: "cool." He said: "Well, that was easy." I said: "Yeah, I'll see if I can make it." And we both walked off. :)I'm not exactly sure what possessed me to say Sure! so enthusiastically without knowing any of the details. I think I'm still in holiday mode. After I walked away I realised that I still didn't remember his name. Although I think it might be Stephen. Also, how am I going to get there? And where exactly are they meeting at 8? Burswood isn't exactly small. Even narrowing it down to the casino doesn't help much. Although I guess they'd meet at the entrance. And who else is going? Do I know any of them? Presumably they're mostly first year jazz or contemporary students. I don't know many of them. I'm friends with some second and third years and some of the Cert students. Oh, wait, I guess I do know a couple of jazz/contemp first years although not that well. And why did he ask if I wanted to go? We're not really close friends or anything. I talked with him once quite a while ago (it can't have been later than early June). So I figured I'd leave it open-ended if he asks me if I'm going on Saturday. I sent a text message to a friend who I've been meaning to go out with for ages and asked her if she wanted to go out on the weekend. She said yes and suggested Saturday. We both figured Burswood was the place to go, so unless she cancels at the last minute again I will be in Burswood, just not necessarily in the casino. I guess if I see whatever his name is I'll say that I forgot that I'm going out with my friend, but if she cancels at the last minute which she did the last two or three times (although I may have cancelled one of them, actually) I might go to the casino. Life's so complicated. I wish I had a better memory for names. I wonder if he's got a nametag on his bass case or bag. :-/

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