Monday, June 22, 2009

Woo, holidays!

So now it's holidays. And still I'm busy. This week I'm taking it fairly easy with practise so far, although I really wanna get stuck in after Wednesday before WAYO rehearsals get frequent during the school holidays. Tomorrow I've got a viola lesson. Yay. Gotta get some help with my AYO excerpts. And I still haven't found the viola part for the Brahms. I think maybe I did accidentally return it to the library inside something else... I'll have to drop by the uni tomorrow on my way to the lesson (it's not really on the way...) and check again. I've looked before, but only briefly. And I'll ask at the WAAPA box office, although whoever's working will probably give me a look. It's the third time this semester I'll have asked the box office if someone handed in something by me... Last time someone had. Yay. My pencil case... I was so glad that it was there. I don't care much for the actual pencil case but some of the pens would be difficult to replace.

Then on Wednesday I'm catching up with one of my friends from high school in the city. That will be fun. I always enjoy chatting with her. Filling each other in on all the latest gossip. Usually we wander around for a bit and then get something to eat or a coffee or something. I'm really looking forward to it. We also plan to go out together sometime. Of course that's been in the works since we both turned 18 in year 12... We've had concrete plans twice so far, but both had to cancel once each... Maybe it will work out sometime this holiday? We'll see. I need some occasion to wear my awesome high heels. :D

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