Thursday, April 30, 2009

Keeping busy...

I'm keeping busy. Or at least keeping pretending to be busy.

Yesterday I was at uni for 15.5 hours. I got there at 7.30 to do some practise. Didn't actually do a lot of practise because I didn't have a practice room booked. Tough. I shared the MA (Music Auditorium) with one of my friends. I also forced him to listen to the opening of my concerto and give me some feed-back.

Later we had two hours of harmony. The lecturer spent the first half talking about our next assignment. Apparently he already talked about it in the last lecture, which I missed. Then I had an aural lecture. I can't really remember what it was about. Oh, except "Think note names when you play your guitar." And we did some singing.

Then it was time for lunch. Sat with Trev, then with Nat, then went to the library to get a book out. Then went to the library to see if they sold safety pins at the bookshop to fix my broken bag a bit better. Couldn't find safety pins, so decided to buy some pens and asked the lady behind the counter if they sold safety pins. She said no and asked how many I needed. When I told her that I just needed a few to fix my broken bag she said that she might have some in her bag. She did and gave them to me free of charge. How nice of her! I'm very grateful. So I went back to Nat and my bag and fixed it good. :-)

Then I talked with Naomie and Aby and walked to Clusters cafe with them and then it was already time for orchestra. Three hours later orchestra was finished and my quartet had a reheasal. I had to borrow the key to the "cage" off Rob to get some stands out. My nice violin friend stayed back and gave us all some pointers, which really helped. Thank you crasian violinist. :P

After that I had a much needed break and then got on with some practising. I wasn't all that inspired but still got some decent work done. When I took a break at around 9 pm I ran into two of the second year jazz singers I know. I talked to them for a bit and then Dale (a cute second year guitarist) came along and asked if we wanted to keep him company while he ate dinner, since it looked like we were on a break. The two girls said that they weren't on a break, and went back to their practice room. I said, sure, I'm on a break anyway and walked to some chairs with Dale. Then the other two girls decided that it was time for a break after all and joined us. :-) Fun fun fun. Then we all went back to practise. I did some further practice on my concerto and actually made some good advances. Although it's still not nearly perfect. Later I joined one of the singers and Dale for another break. They then decided to jam and asked if I wanted to jam too, but alas, I had to decline because I'm not trained in the art of jamming. I'm a classical violist, so I don't possess the skills for jazz playing. Comping, soloing, improv, it's all one big question mark to me... Soon after my parents called and picked me up from uni on their way home from Tango dancing. And another long day at uni came to a close.

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