Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Weekend!

Things always happen en masse. There will be entire weekends where nothing much is happening and I’ll be sitting at home sighing and watching TV. And then suddenly a weekend comes along when I have more things to go to then I have time for.
This weekend I’m going to see Phantom of the Opera on Saturday night. YAY! And my parents are giving me a lift there, which is great. I was afraid that I’d have to take public transport which would’ve taken two hours. I’m really excited. Last time a Phantom show was near where I lived was when I was in primary school in Switzerland. Most of my friends went to it but my parents weren’t interested, so I didn’t go. I just heard all their stories about how great the show was. The same happened with a Magic Flute performance where three of my friends happened to be watching the same show and Pamina lost her voice. How exciting!
Well anyway, this Saturday I get to watch Phantom and I’m really looking forward to it even though I have to go on my own because nobody wanted to go with me. I have a good seat as well. My dad offered to pay for a ticket when I complained about not having money and once we looked at a map of the seats decided that if I was going to watch it I might as well have a good seat, otherwise what’s the point? My dad is really awesome like that.
Then on Sunday night I have two options. Either I go watch the WAYO at Burswood concert. It should be fun with WAYO playing music from various music, including Titanic, as well as some operatic pieces with young stars from the WA Opera. I love Titanic. We played it when I was in the Philharmonic Orchestra. It’s pure cheese but I absolutely loved it. Especially when the drum kit came in when we played the “my hear will go on” section. I really enjoyed playing with drumkit because usually we don’t do that. In that same concert we also played Handel’s Watermusic. Or was it Handel’s Fireworks music? Either way, it was polyphonic baroque stuff. The sort of stuff that doesn’t really sound good unless played by a really good orchestra, but always played by bad to moderately good orchestras because the notes aren’t that hard. Anyway, we didn’t really get a good pulse going so Pete who was conducting us got us to play it with the drumkit in the rehearsal. That was fun. J
So anyway, I could go to the WAYO concert. I’m not in it because the stage isn’t big enough for everybody. So my desk and the last desk got cut. I was in the last concert instead. The one with WASO in Kings Park. That was great! So I was thinking that I might go to the Burswood concert with Annie and some of her friends and we’ll have a picnic. But I’m not sure yet. It depends on how Annie feels. I don’t want to go by myself.
So if I don’t go to that I’ll go to the movies with Nat and her sister instead. To see Watchmen. We were going to go last weekend but then we were both busy. So if I don’t go to Burswood I’ll go to the movies. Actually, we should go out after that. Although we probably won’t, seeing as it will be Sunday night and we’ll have to drop her sister home right after the movie because she’ll have school the next day. I don’t have uni until 12.30 on Monday although Nat has history at 10.30.
Of course after standing around at work all day on Sunday I probably won’t feel like going out after the movie anyway. So that’s my weekend. Hopefully. J

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