Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The year that was 2010

What a year it's been! I was going to write this post way earlier, but my laptop died at some point back in December. Right now I'm tap-tap-tapping away on my I-phone. So, now to have a look at the year that was...


• Friendships: making new friends, renewing old friendships, deepening existing friendships... 2010 was definitely a good year as far as friendships were concerned! :D
• Finally getting my driver's license. My pursuit for a driver's license has lasted the better part of five years (on and off) and in 2010 I finally got there! The independence and potential for spontaneity and freedom (as well as the all-important air-con in summer) are truly a dream come true.
• Seeing the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra live in concert. What can I say, the were absolutely amazing! Swoon-worthy!
• Taking a year off my studies to concentrate on improving my viola playing... And actually improving a lot, despite not always being entirely disciplined with my practice. Being congratulated on how much I'd improved by various people was just the cherry on top of that particular cake. :)
• Having the whole family under one roof again after my sister spent 6 months in an internship in Switzerland. Sure, we all get on each other's nerves sometimes, but it is still nice to all be together.
• Getting a new viola! This instrument is fantastic. So responsive, it actually makes me sound like a real violist. It has the most beautiful tone. Here's to many hours of music making on my new viola. :)
• Making my viola teacher's new pet bird sing. What could be a more rewarding response after you put your all in the music and make every note special than a bird singing in response?

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